Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ISR Channel 9 WestCoast Magazine - Hall Of Fame Presents:

Christine Anne Perfect - HALL OF FAME SONGWRITER

Christine Anne Perfect professionally known as Christine McVie is an English singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Her fame came as a member of the rock band; Fleetwood Mac

She was born July 12, 1943 in the small village of Bouth in the Lake District of England and grew up in Birmingham, where her father, Cyril Perfect, was a concert violinist and music lecturer at St Peter's College of Education, in Birmingham, England. Christine's mother Beatrice Reece, was a medium, psychic, and faith healer. Her grandfather had been an organist at Westminster Abbey. 

Although she never had children it's easy to get the strong impression from her music that each of her compositions is one of her children, as her whole heart and soul is in each of them.

We salute Ms. Perfect as an ISR Westcoast Radio Hall of Famer!

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