Monday, November 17, 2014

ISR Movies: Lucy Liu - "Marry Me"

Rae Ann Carter played by Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie’s Angels), always wanted the fairytale where she meets a prince, falls in love and gets married.

 Rae feared that dream would never come true. When suddenly, Rae goes from having no man in her life to having three!

The charming Luke (played by Steven Pasquale, of TV’s Rescue Me), the passionate Adam (played by Bobby Cannavale, of The Station Agent), and the very sophisticated Harry (played by Enrique Murciano, of TV’s Without a Trace) – all are in love with Rae and asking to marry her.

Which man will she choose and why?

 "Marry Me" is a romantic movie that will sweep you off of your feet.

Lucy Liu is a favorite actress of ours at ISR so we were intrigued right away to see her in a charming rom-com.

We were more than pleasantly surprised by the writing and the "smarts" in this screenplay after viewing "Marry Me".

You too will be taken by the story, the characters and the acting.

 "Marry Me" will instantly become one of your favorite rom-com's.

We would recommend this movie highly. Sweet, charming, funny and witty throughout.

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