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Olivia Newton-John, is an Australian pop singer, songwriter and film actress. She is a four-time Grammy award winner and she has amassed five number-one and ten Top Ten Billboard Hot 100 hit singles. Newton-John also has two number-one Billboard 200 solo albums.

Olivia Newton-John’s fresh, classy, appeal is based on her graceful timeless charm and her gift for clever creative surprises. 

Born in Cambridge, England in late September of 1948, Olivia is the youngest child of Professor Brin Newton-John and his wife Irene. Olivia is the grand-daughter of the world renown Nobel Prize winning physicist, Max Born.

Olivia moved to Melbourne, Australia with her family when she was just five years-old. Her first big break was winning a talent contest on the popular TV show, “Sing, Sing, Sing,” which earned Olivia a trip to London. 

By the age of fifteen she had formed an all-girl singing group called Sol Four and, in 1963, Olivia was appearing on local daytime TV shows and weekly pop music programs all over Australia. 

When she eventually took her prize-winning trip to visit London, she teamed up with her friend from Melbourne, Pat Carroll (now Pat Farrar), and they created an act called; “Pat & Olivia”.  The duo toured army bases and clubs throughout the UK and Europe, a valuable experience for building her stage presence and her quiet confidence. 

In 1971, she recorded a cover of Bob Dylan’s "If Not For You," co-produced by Bruce Welch and a fellow Aussie and musical friend named John Farrar.

Olivia and John Farrar together took her music career to superstardom working on several massive worldwide hit songs; "Magic", "Have You Never Been Mellow", "Hopelessly Devoted To You", Physical", and "You're the One That I Want" to name just a few of their mega-hits together. 

Please join ISR in honoring Ms. Olivia Newton-John... a woman of timeless beauty and charms so powerful and everlasting that there can be no doubt, such gifts have their origin, deep beneath the skin.

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